Karen’s proven neighborhood leadership:

Karen’s proven neighborhood leadership:Karen Kerney is not ONLY a well-established current resident of the 3rd District, but she has also been immensely involved with “boots-on-the-ground” involvement as illustrated below.

  • Served as Balboa South Indian Trail neighborhood Council chairwoman for nine years.
  • Worked in concert with other third district neighborhood council chairs regarding allocation of federal funds.

Board participation:

  • City of Spokane human services advisory board.City of Spokane police Department advisory board.
  • Spokane Fire department Foundation Board.
  • Symphony associates board.
  • McGruff safe houses for children board
  • Law enforcement library board member.

Proven record of neighborhood accomplishments:

  • Worked to return 10 acres of green space back to the neighborhood Council and off city property list.
  • Promoted construction of traffic circles on high-volume residential street.
  • Helped to initiate construction of lighted pedestrian crossing on arterial.
  • Assisted law enforcement to help identify and close noted drug house.
  • Resolved traffic code enforcement issues for neighbors.
  • Founded the “gathering place for seniors“ when there was no senior center in this council area

Other community service

  • Vice chairman and treasurer of the Spokane fire department memorial project.
  • Vice chairman of the 343 firefighters at 911 Memorial.
  • Chairwoman of the law enforcement memorial project.
  • Served on committee for the selection of art project for Jonas Salk middle school.


Spokane’s  ornate County Coutrhouse is a noted landmark of the 3rd District.

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