To my neighbors in the Third District:

My name is Karen Kearney and I want to represent you on the Spokane City Council for the Third District.

Five generations of my family have lived in this district and I grew to love it as a child. Now living in the present, I am excited for the future. I returned to Spokane after living away from it for 23 years and I felt I was at last home.

Upon returning to Spokane, I became involved in numerous organizations, was appointed to city boards, and worked to help the most vulnerable of our population.

I have been the Chair of the Balboa South Indian Trail Neighbor Council for 9 years. In that time I have resolved issues for my neighborhood involving code enforcement violations, traffic issues, public health issues, safety issues, environmental concerns, construction and development issues.

In my position as chair, I put forth a request to the city to build a pedestrian crossing with lights on Indian Trail. It was constructed in 2021. I also went forward to close drug houses, I took back a parcel of 10 park-like acres off the city’s surplus property list.  This green space is now being looked at for recreational purposes.

The Northwest part of this district had no senior center in either the Five Mile, Northwest, North Hill, North Indian Trail, and Balboa South Indian Trail neighborhoods. I asked a church in the neighborhood to let me have a room in the church to paint and furnish for what is now the Gathering Place for Seniors. They attend from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at no charge to be with other seniors each Tuesday. Closed to COVID, it is now at the point of reopening.

My platform includes:

  • Public Safety: Police Fire and also what is the answer to our homeless situation which is growing within or city and could soon be a public health emergency.  
  • Infrastructure: Streets that continue to be in poor condition in some of the poorest and middle-class neighborhoods. Are our bridges safe?
  • Environment: What about our river quality, our sewers and storm water runoff?
  • Economic Development: How are we assisting small businesses and business owners with the programs they need to know about when it comes to reopening.  Affordable
  • Affordable Housing: Or I should say lack of and how do we make the changes to that situation.

I am researching, studying, and asking questions to go forward to come up with answers to these questions.

I am tenacious, I will stay on a situation to I find an answer to issues within my neighborhood. I will do the same with all the neighbor councils in my district. I only desire is to serve my neighbors in the Third District. I am a neighborhood person and I say it like it is!I make decisions on facts.

I am fiscally responsible. I have a career in banking that spans 22 years. I know my district and I am proud to say I have worked with other neighborhood leaders in this district.I would be proud to have your vote as your neighbor and to represent you on the Spokane City Council.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments:

Find me on Facebook or my website: • 509-328-4303 (home) • 509-828-5073 (cell) • 1-909-996-4803 (campaign office)•

Mailing address: P.O Box 28388, Spokane, WA 99228 •

Doyles is both a  family and 3rd District favorite.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments:

Find me on Facebook or my website:                                                                                          •  Phone: 509-328-4303 (home) • 509-828-5073 (cell) •1-909-996-4803 (campaign office)                                         • Mailing address: P.O Box 28388, Spokane, WA 99228 •